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Toys For The Plane: My Super Fun Play Book


I’m always looking for ways to limit screen time either on a plane or relaxing on holiday. I don’t see anything wrong with a little screen time (she says furiously tapping away on her laptop, simultaneously browsing instagram) but there’s something so rewarding about watching kids play with actual toys. It can be difficult to find a toy that will pique the interest of a youngster.  Extra points goes to the toy if it’s remotely educational. Which is why I was so excited to road test the ‘My Super Fun Playbook’ by Smarter Concepts.

Sapna’s inspiration came from her frustration of having to purchase numerous books for a hyperactive niece who would take one glance at them and look completely disinterested.  So she decided to create her own!


The book is beautiful; 12 activity pages which are colourful and beautiful hand stitched.  Each page provides a different learning and creative experiences.  We tested the book out on a 7, 5, 3 and 15 month old. My 7 and 5 year old happily played with it on the plane for a WHOLE HOUR (Tic tac toe & making pizza).  The 3 and 5 year old spent ages playing with the finger puppets, traffic lights and hair brading. The 15 month old was content unsticking all the pieces and putting them back in the book.


This is a really gorgeous toy and would make the perfect birthday present (best suited to ages 2+). It’s also lightweight and easy to pack for a plane journey.  The whole book zips up nicely around the edge, also containing any stray pieces that aren’t haven’t found their correct velcro home (you may want to do a quick sweep of the floor before departing the plane!).  To see a video of the book in its glory, check out this short YouTube clip.

The book can be purchased online and can be shipped worldwide.  The book normally costs USD 58 but for all my lovely readers, the discount code of ‘jetlagandmayhem’ will get you a USD 10 discount, valid till 31st January 2017. Enjoy!



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